About us 

Welcome to AKtivateHub – Your Gateway to Unforgettable Experiences!

At AKtivateHub, we are not just event organizers; we are experience architects who believe in transforming brands into extraordinary moments. Our primary focus is on creating events that serve as a powerful platform for the brands we collaborate with. We take pride in delivering these events to the public free of charge, fostering a strong bond between communities and the brands they love.

Driven by the vision to provide the best possible experience, we constantly strive to elevate our events to world-class standards right in the heart of Auckland. To keep our events accessible and enjoyable for all, we actively engage volunteers who share our passion. This collaborative effort ensures that we can maintain low costs and, in turn, keep our events free for the public.

At AKtivateHub, we don't just organize events; we curate moments that resonate. Our mission is to bring audiences closer to the brands they adore in a vibrant and entertaining environment. Join us on this exciting journey where we redefine event experiences and create memories that last a lifetime.